Oscar Weasley (oscarascal) wrote,
Oscar Weasley

Because you can't always trust a snake..

For anyone who didn't/couldn't get Yearling's little privacy charm, I've worked something out as well. It's Rune-based, so I can help any first years who couldn't handle the spellwork of the other. You can find me in the Great Hall during meals or the Library during free time, mostly. For Gryffindors, I'm in the Common Room for at least an hour after dinner every night.

James, you lout, stop bothering the girls and come find me. We've got plans to make~
Tags: does anyone even read these things, gryffindor for the cup, james is a drooling madman, obviously my spell is better, runes beat charms any day, why don't we have detention yet
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