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The Very Not-Diary Journal of Oscar Weasley

Seriously. Not a diary.

Oscar Weasley
Name: Oscar Weasley
Parents: George Weasley and Marietta Weasley nee Edgecombe
House: Gryffindor
Age/Year: 12/2nd
Role/Position: Student
Birthday: February 16
Oscar was born into a loud home with a large extended family, and for the early years of life, there was scarcely a day that he didn't see at least one of his cousins or aunts or uncles at some point. However, the highlight of his youth was the times when he would sneak into one of his parents' studies, with or without their permission and/or supervision. Oscar would look at the joke catalogs, browse the runic syllabaries (not that he understood them, but the symbols were neat and he enjoyed coloring the holes in with crayon, to his mother's dismay), make 'potions' from any substances that were left lying around the work area - George quickly learned never to leave anything both valuable and soluble out in his work area - and, as soon as the symbols began to form words and then sentences on the page, reading every book he could find in the house - which, with a Ravenclaw like Marietta for a mother, was quite a number. While he did not understand a good deal of what he read, he did prove to have an excellent ability to recall and apply what he did. It became clear that Oscar had inherited not only his father's penchant for mischief, but also his mother's eagerness to learn.

They don't talk about his uncle Fred.

As expected, on Oscar's eleventh birthday he received his Hogwarts acceptance letter. The sorting hat did spent a bit more time debating over him than was usual for Weasleys - apparently he had Ravenclaw qualities - but his loud intuition and imaginative daring were better suited to Gryffindor, and so he was thus sorted. Unlike generations past, however, Oscar was perfectly content to make friends outside of his new House family, and while he has close friends in Gryffindor, a fair amount of time spent in the library has led to well-established relationships with many Ravenclaws and perhaps even a Hufflepuff or Slytherin as well, should they find they have something in common. He's much more open-minded than his father and uncles, most likely due to the relaxation of societal rivalries after so many years of peace.

Oscar has thick, fine, gingery-blonde hair that flops over his forehead and curls if he lets it grow a bit too long. His face is just a shade short of pale thanks to many hours running around in the sun with his cousins and freckley for the same reason. He sunburns easily, but only faintly, and thus maintains an almost constant dusting of red across his cheeks and shoulders in the summertime. He's surprisingly short for a Weasley: not below average, but not gangly - yet - and with a build that suggests he'll remain a bit more compact than some of his uncles. Oscar's eyes are gray-brown, soft like dust bunnies, and his face is open and easy to read. His expression is often concentrated, focused on what he's doing or who's he's talking to, and he tends to smile more often than frown.

Oscar would have a Ravenclaw personality, except that he wants to do things with the knowledge he finds. He wants to play, discover, invent, mess up, get his hands dirty. He occasionally roams the school at night just to see what goes on when the students aren't supposed to be around. He has long conversations with lonely portraits, he sneaks into the Restricted Section, he builds forts out of his green beans at dinner and stages battles between the peas and carrots. He reads and learns and asks questions to find all the known possibilities only so he can say 'so what if I do this,' and experience the thrill of finding something new.

He likes to watch people. Not just that, though, he likes to watch how they act and what they do and who they are and then talk to them, bother them, ask strange questions and see how they respond. But sometimes he just likes people for their normalcy, to relax and have company and not have to entertain himself with his thoughts and his books.

For all his odd habits, Oscar really isn't so outstanding a boy. He's a bit more clever, a bit more loud, quick to act on intuition and slow in empathy, (what boy isn't) but he likes to have friends and be lazy and talk about nothing with the best of them. He doesn't stand out unless he tries to. It's more interesting that way.

Preferred Ship(s): Oscar/EVERYONE, EVERYONE/Oscar :P don't care

Anything Else: Likes Quidditch but has no real desire to play on the team. Really, he likes to play for fun, but not for competition, nor does he really enjoy watching it, though he thinks being out there cheering with all his friends and his House is kind of exciting. Likes to play chess with his uncle Ron, and thus is pretty good because he steals his strategies, but can be beaten by anyone who's actually talented. Is good at strategizing in card games that are supposed to be based on luck (ie counting cards, finding tells, etc.)