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Oscar Weasley
18 August 2007 @ 03:50 pm
Woobie has torn up his journal in a fit of rage. I'm sure few of us are really surprised ^_^

I tried to get the pieces from him to attempt to fix it, but he bit me. Fiesty little monster~ :P

It's a good thing the nurse doesn't bother asking me about strange wounds anymore..
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Oscar Weasley
06 August 2007 @ 06:13 pm
For anyone who didn't/couldn't get Yearling's little privacy charm, I've worked something out as well. It's Rune-based, so I can help any first years who couldn't handle the spellwork of the other. You can find me in the Great Hall during meals or the Library during free time, mostly. For Gryffindors, I'm in the Common Room for at least an hour after dinner every night.

James, you lout, stop bothering the girls and come find me. We've got plans to make~
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Oscar Weasley
02 August 2007 @ 02:33 pm
Yo! Another year, another crop of wobble-eyed first years - hallo, babies! Uncle Oscar won't bite, but watch out for Potter- speaking of which, Jamesy, how'd little Albus manage to get sorted to Slytherin? Must've bribed the hat - I wish I'd thought of it! I'd have made quite the strapping Hufflepuff, wouldn't you agree? But no, my brain was as wee as I was at eleven.

At least we got Professor Longbottom's runt! Nigel, was it? Don't you worry now, mate, we Gryffs will look after you! You have any trouble, you come find me, yeah?

I don't remember most of the Sorting, of course - how can anyone, when there's food to be had as soon as it's done? But- I thought I saw the ickle Malfoy pass through there? What do we think of him? I suppose if he turns out to be a speck of rot like some have led us to expect, we can have Al take him out for us. Maybe it'll be a good thing, having an in on the snake pit! >D
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